I am just using a quick window of opportunity before I forget all about it.
I am watching a documentary on the resurrection of Jesus Christ or more accurately a show where facts and opinions are collected on the subject.
They are varied, those opinions, but one comment has offered me food for thought. And I do not want to forget it. The journalist question was about the reality and tangibility of Jesus presence after his resurrection.
The Bible stated that he could not have been more real. When he appeared at his disciples and they panicked believing him a ghost. He asked them to touch him, feel him and feed him. Yet he disappeared just like that as well. What of it?
Most people think : “he is god after all, that’s not a big deal for him! He can do every thing! He resurrected after all”
Yes. But. What an unsatisfying answer!
That guy however said that maybe Jesus could displace himself through the continuum of time and space as we know it. An ability that escapes us yet but we know so little of the ways of Nature after all in particular of Physics. That it might simply be possible but not yet understood. Einstein came pretty close as we know. So it is accessible.
And the man went on saying that the hope of Christians is to be able to learn to do the same after their death.
This, for me, opens a completely new dimension of thoughts. I had problem with Christianity because I do not believe in the resurrection of the Christ and do not believe in life after death, without those two believes, one can hardly call himself a Christian… it is the corner stone of Christianity.
Since, I have gone along my own way. Not denying god, but not accepting Jesus as a god himself. I am simply convinced that he was a man, an incredible one yes, a wise and knowledgeable leader, a very inspiring mentor, but a man nevertheless.
This approach could reunite me with “a resurrected Jesus”. Maybe. He showed an incredible knowledge and skill. He could travel through dimensions/time/space or whatever you want to call it, but yet he was still just a man. Not a god or some supernatural being. To me, it makes a world of a difference.