“To sin” comes from the ancient Greek, it meant to miss the target, the purpose.

If a man went too high, he fell far outside his limits as a man. If he fell too low, he did not live up to what was expected of him as a man. To sin was to miss being what you were meant to be, to err being a man.

Isn’t that a great concept?

 It has nothing to do with good or bad as the Church has been drilling into ours heads for centuries uncounted. Nothing to do with shifting moral values, but it has everything to do with realizing our destiny, our potential to the best of our abilities.

What an eye-opener! I just found a new way to look at my life and how to face my fate.

When you think of moral values, you are bound to think of the people who raised you, the people, you consider your mentors. They have told you their “pearls of wisdom” and you have made them yours. Most likely those pearls came to them from their own mentors and so on and so forth.

Some of these come out of common sense, some are “cultural” (what the hell does that word mean anyway?) and some were spread by ignorance, fear, intransigence. We don’t know any better when we are children. When we are young adults, however, we have so much to deal with as it is, that we just take them for granted, we are, by then, so used to them, they become ours without a second thought. And then we pass them on to our children. Do we ever question them? Put them to the test? Sometimes when we get older, we realize that some of these truths ring false, they have become irrelevant, but by that time, it is too late too change, and old habits die hard. Besides finding new ones at such an age seems too much trouble. Some of us will try to impart those new wisdoms to our grand children, but most of the time we shall simply bring them with us to our grave.

And in this failure, I think, we sin. Not as we doing something “bad”, but in the original meaning; by missing to really search for our true nature, we do not live up to our potential. We do not try hard enough to be a Man.