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I did not sleep last night until 5am. I slept then for 3hrs and went to work a real zombie.

After my little adventure yesterday, I was feeling shaky. Jenny’s house has 2 automatic gates with remote control, every window and doors have metal bars, there is an alarm system and emergency buttons. And yet I did not feel safe.

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It rained most of the day, like yesterday, and I stayed at Jenny’s. At 3pm, the rain turned to a drizzle and I was feeling nutty, locked up in the house for 2 days in front of the computer. I needed some fresh air. I decided to brave the drizzle and go for a short walk. Little did I know, I’d had more than a drizzle to brave.

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Today is apparently a big day for South Africa. Indeed it is the World Cup Rugby final; South Africa versus England. The whole of SA is behind the Springboks, and all the eyes are fixed on Paris tonight. There is not one person in Cape Town who does not think of tonight 9pm behind the telly!

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“95% of the world is missing.” Where is it hiding? How could we have overlooked it so far? I’m puzzled.


It is interesting to think on the crusades. When the crusaders arrived in Jerusalem, they massacred everything on their path, particularly the Jews and Muslims. The Muslims, under Saladin, were more honourable, in their behaviour and treatments of their prisoners than the Christians. Overall they were more “civilized”. After all, Europe was just getting out of the Dark Ages and the people were rather illiterate and ignorant, even their lords.


Nowadays, the “Christians” countries feel unsafe face to the threat of the Middle East or the Muslin world. The terrorists. They appear to us rather barbarians and cruel, very much like the crusaders did all those centuries ago. What to think of it?

Intransigence and narrow mind ness cost a lot to those crusaders in the end. Be careful of what it might cost today.


“To sin” comes from the ancient Greek, it meant to miss the target, the purpose.

If a man went too high, he fell far outside his limits as a man. If he fell too low, he did not live up to what was expected of him as a man. To sin was to miss being what you were meant to be, to err being a man.

Isn’t that a great concept?

 It has nothing to do with good or bad as the Church has been drilling into ours heads for centuries uncounted. Nothing to do with shifting moral values, but it has everything to do with realizing our destiny, our potential to the best of our abilities.

What an eye-opener! I just found a new way to look at my life and how to face my fate.

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I am watching another documentary. This one is on whales. In particular, their songs. A scientist, Dr R. Payne, recorded their songs for many years, and realized that they are really songs; sounds that are repeated in a rhythm with rhymes! Incredible! It is also incredible how far those sounds can be heard.
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I am just using a quick window of opportunity before I forget all about it.
I am watching a documentary on the resurrection of Jesus Christ or more accurately a show where facts and opinions are collected on the subject.
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Jenny, a friend and colleague at MCM (Marine and Coastal Management) at SeaPoint, has gone on cruise. And she asked me to housesit and give some company to her cutie little cat, Glitz. She left for Zanzibar; no one would believe she went to work… Yet, work is part of the trip. The Coelocanth cruise starts on the South Africa coasts and goes all along the African east coasts, all the way to DarElSalam. They study the oceanography of the area, particularly the eddies. It is both a great project and a great place to work! Good luck and have fun Jenny!
In the mid time, I play with Glitz and get used to the new “home”. I’m getting old… It’s getting harder and harder to adapt to a new place, new neighbourhood. Oh well! Nobody needs to know…
On a different subject, I am rereading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince before reading finally the Deathly Hallows… I’m sad already! It’s going to be a hard read, and it ‘s going to be the last. Think about it, no more Lord of the Ring, no more Harry Potter, there is not much to look forward to anymore. I have one author I follow, a series of 6 books, the 3rd book was released at the beginning of the year, the next one should be out in 2 years. (from Allison Gordon, I think she is Australian). Nice and original story. For a change! It is hard to get original work in fantasy for some reason anymore. Honestly! You would think they do not know that part of writing a book involves “creativity” … it is not fanfiction, people! Be inventive! Create your storyline and your characters!
I’ve been checking Harry Potter’s fanfictions today. I usually read “slash” stories exclusively, for a very good reason, most gen stories are simple crap. But today I was looking for a sweet, fluffy fic with Potter and Luna Lovegood. I feel they have something those too. Good chemistry and all. Great potential too! And I love that character (Luna not Harry). Well guess what? There is very few of them and most of them are appalling but it is worse if you look at all the hetero out there, most of them H/GinnyW or H/Hermione, but bad!!! Incredible! Please people do not write! You do not know how!
It’s Tuesday, in Cape Town, it means movie day because that’s when movie fares are ½ the normal price. So I sometimes, take a day off and go to the movie theatre.
Today, I’m going to watch “Day Watch”, I saw “Night Watch” the 1st instalment, several months ago. Not great, passable, Russian movie I think. Well somewhere in the east where they do not act very well, but the story bares watching. One must have hope and lower one’s standard.
As usual when I am an my own, I start thinking. Not good. I tried to day dream instead but thinking prevail. Negative thoughts about the future as usual, about January when my scholarship stops and I run out of money. It probably won’t be that bad. I don’t seriously think that I’ll have to give up my PhD, something will come up as always. I HAVE been very lucky in my life so far. But the bottom line is that I’d like once in a while to stop worrying about tomorrow. To have some kind of assurance that I’ll have some kind of plan in the future (not long term, god no! just a few years ahead) and I can build up a bit of every day life.