“95% of the world is missing.” Where is it hiding? How could we have overlooked it so far? I’m puzzled.


It is interesting to think on the crusades. When the crusaders arrived in Jerusalem, they massacred everything on their path, particularly the Jews and Muslims. The Muslims, under Saladin, were more honourable, in their behaviour and treatments of their prisoners than the Christians. Overall they were more “civilized”. After all, Europe was just getting out of the Dark Ages and the people were rather illiterate and ignorant, even their lords.


Nowadays, the “Christians” countries feel unsafe face to the threat of the Middle East or the Muslin world. The terrorists. They appear to us rather barbarians and cruel, very much like the crusaders did all those centuries ago. What to think of it?

Intransigence and narrow mind ness cost a lot to those crusaders in the end. Be careful of what it might cost today.